Thursday, December 8, 2011

Soul Pancake Challenge #55

Soul Pancake Challenge #55
What emotion do you wish you could better control?

Amanda Tate-
I wish we never had to experience the sadness in death but that pain is simply in response to our knowledge of the absolute joy in living. I hate when we become jealous when we find out our crush is with someone else. We can't help we feel special and get excited in being with them, though. I dread the times our anger is called out when we find out a friend was hurt by another. Don't mess with the ones we love. I despise fear but maybe, just maybe, if we never experienced fear then we would never know what it meant to be brave. Whether it's killing a spider or saving a life, it's in those moments of bravery when we feel we could conquer the world.

Every single person is different, every one reacts to experiences in life differently and everyone responds to emotions in different ways too. In pain, some get angry, others cry. In joy some throw confetti, others simply smile. It's emotions though that allow us to experience life in its fullest. they unite every one in this world together though. That stranger sitting next to you, he's felt happiness and sadness just like you. That acquaintance you just met, she knows what it's like to be mad too. Feelings allow us to relate to one another and it's in those emotions that remind us everyday that we are not and never will be alone.